Hot Hot Hot


There is no getting around it or away from it. It is hot here. Forecasted highs around 105 degrees for the next 2 weeks without any relief or chance of rain other than a spot afternoon storm.

The mums are in the field and being well watered, and they are growing. With the night temperatures about 75 degrees we can expect a 7-14 day delay in blooms. Typically a bloom delay is not a problem due to the fact that mums will bloom when the temperatures cools down which is usually when customer demand begins to pick up. However, sometimes you get those unusual years where it stays really hot until the end of August or early September then cools off fast and there is a lag between when the customers want the mums and when the blooms start cracking color.

Our first round of poinsettias cuttings have been stuck in their Oasis cubes. This heat is not the best for them but we are keeping a close eye on them. So far the cuttings look good. The critical time will come when we plant them if it stays this hot. We will have to watch them even closer then.

I got back from the Short Course last week. We drove to Columbus and took our time. It was good to see our friends and make a few new ones. All in all, I was able to get a lot accomplished, but as for the show there were not a lot of items or new plants that really caught my eye as a must have for 2012.

We will also be at the Nursery Expo in Dallas next month.

That’s it for now. You all try to stay cool.

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