How To Grow Lavender


(See individual varieties for specific product information, but in general the growing information will be the same for all lavender.)

Spacing Between Plants: 14-18 inches apart

When To Plant: Charley recommends planting Lavender in mid to late April or after last frost, but experienced gardeners can plant earlier and protect the young plants with buckets and milk jugs or start them out in a cold frame or small greenhouse.

Planting Tip: When growing Lavender in a pot or container, make sure there is good drainage. This can be achieved by putting a layer of gravel or small rocks in before the dirt.  If planting in the ground, keep the soil free of weeds and water it a bit so that it is moist when you plant.  Make sure the soil drains well.  Lavender does not like wet conditions.

Preparation and Care: Choose a sunny location that drains well to plant Lavender. Lavender can adapt to many different soil types.  It does not like wet soil. Lavender actually has more blooms and fragrance when grown in poorer soil without fertilizer.

Make sure there is plenty of air flow around the plants to prevent rot and disease.  Since Lavender likes it dry, do not mulch in the winter.  Doing so may rot the plant.

In the spring it is best to wait until new leaves appear to prune because it is difficult to tell what has survived the winter.  Once you can tell, remove dead wood and shape the plant however you want it.

If your plant has become thick, you might cut half of it away to promote new growth.  After a few years the plant may need to be replaced because it has gotten straggly.

Watering: Lavender doesn’t require much water once established.  When first planted, keep it watered regularly.

Fertilizing:  Lavender doesn’t generally require fertilizing.

Harvesting:  Cut lavender on long stalks when in full bloom.  Tie them together and hang them to dry in a warm dry location.  Dried lavender flowers can be used in potpourri  and sachets.  Lavender oil can be used in many other ways such as flavoring for baking or in cosmetics.

Common Insect Problems

Lavender does not have many pest problems.

Common Disease Problems

Lavender has few disease problems.

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