How Was Your Week? And Pictures!

Howdy everybody!

dazzler-impatiens-J6I hope that you all had a great week and have an even better weekend. It is a little rainy today but I don’t think that will stop anyone from shopping for some plants this weekend. One of my best friends has been texting me questions all week about what to plant at her house. That tells me that there are still people who haven’t planted yet and that we can probably expect a good weekend.

So how was your week?

I did an earlier post on the downey mildew problem affecting Impatiens (impatiens walleriana) that some people in the Northeast and Midwest had encountered last year and that could spread our way (you can read that post here). We wanted to let you know that we have been treating our impatiens with two rounds preventative fungicides to help protect the impatiens if you are concerned about the downey mildew threat.

new-guinea-4.5in We have been getting some compliments on our #4.5 New Guinea Impatiens even though they don’t have a lot of color. The plants are bigger this year than they have been in the past years. If you haven’t ordered any, you might want to try a few again. Also the downey mildew doesn’t seem to be affecting the New Guinea Impatiens (impatiens hawkerii) like they are the regular Impatiens (impatiens walleriana).

Be sure to check out our Current Availability if you don’t get out email.

tropical-hibiscus Our Tropical Hibiscus are starting to color up. All but one variety are budded out well and starting to bloom

zonal-geranium-4.5in bacopa

Caladiums and Polemonium Bries d’Anjou make for a shady partnership.

Caladiums polemonium

New crops of #12 Confetti Baskets and Deco pots.

confetti-baskets confetti-deco

Confetti Garden Purple Cleopatra – more purple than you can handle?


Double Wave – twice the bloom for your bucks.

Double Wave Basket 2 Double Wave Basket 3

dragonwing-baskets fuchsia

Caliente Geraniums are interspecific geraniums which means that they are a cross between Ivy Geraniums and Zonal Geraniums. This combination breeds in the best of both plants. The Caliente have a mounding/semi-trailing habit with the Ivy Geranium type blooms.

geraniums greenhouse-1

lantana-4.5in new-guinea0decos-4

The Pink Mandevilla is starting to bloom too.

mandevilla peppers-1204

petunia-wave Scaevola Basket

setcresea-1801 taishan-marigold-6in

Stepables – we stack them up on the rack for shipping. Just kidding. We could but we won’t do that to you.

stepables-3 stepables-4 

vinca-1801-6 wave-medley

plectranthus-mona-lavender begonia-1801

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