Hula Begonia

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Hula Spreading Begonias are a fast growing, spreading begonia bred for it’s spreading/trailing habit and performance in hanging baskets, containers and beds. They fill in fast and can handle the hottest summers like other begonias.

Their spreading habit will grow into a blanker of color in flower beds. In hanging baskets, they will spread and fill out to a mound of color. Good branching fills in containers nicely and doesn’t leave gaps. High bloom counts cover the canopies for maximum color impact.

Hula Begonias can be grown in shade or sun. The amount of sunlight will affect the foliage color. Foliage will be darker if grown in the sun. They will require more regular watering if grown in full sun. If in full sun, water early in the morning to allow the water to evaporate off the foliage completely. Water droplets on the leaves during a hot sunny afternoon can burn the foliage through the sunlight being concentrated through the droplets like a magnifying glass.

Plant in full shade to full sun 12-20″ apart. Grows 6-10″ tall and 20-27″ wide.

We grow Hula Begonias in our #10 Hanging Basket size category. We grow Hula Blush, Hula Pink and Hula Red, but we do not sell by the color.

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