Hump Day Pictures

We are definitely rolling this week. Loads going out as fast as we can get the trucks back and get them loaded. We loaded through the storms last night. Nothing severe here just some heavy rain and gusty wind, luckily.

Everything is looking great in the greenhouses. Some of the most colorful items we have are the #8 Wave Medleys, #6 Confetti Gardens, #4 Zinnias, #6 Marigolds, #10 Purslane Baskets and #10 Wave Petunia Baskets. Also the J6 Portulaca and Marigolds look great. We are a little in between on a few crops so the available numbers are low now but we will be back in to most crops next week. Vegetables, Tomatoes and Peppers are looking good with more coming on next week.

wave-medley-8in_217 zinnias

perennials wave-petunia-baskets

geraniums marigolds

confetti-garden-6in_453  denver-daisy-rudbeckia

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