Splash Hypoestes

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Hypoestes, also known as Polka Dot Plant, is a versatile, easy to grow plant that is typically known for its unusual and striking foliage colors. It’s vivid color patterns have made it a popular and eye-catching addition to any garden or indoor space.

Splash Hypoestes has dark green leave that are splotched with pink, red, rose or white. The plants are compact and look good in party shady beds. The leaves are large, slightly oval and pointed. They form an attractive rosette growing off a center stem. How much the leaf color develops depends on how much light they receive during the day. The more light, the more the colors will come out. Too much sun will cause the leaves to burn so pick a location where Hypoestes will get morning and mid-day sun and mid to late afternoon shade.

Hypoeste is easy to grow and low maintenance. It grows well in a variety of settings from the flower bed to indoor planters. They are especially useful as accent plants in combination planters. If you have Hypoestes as a house plant, mist them occasionally because they like humidity. Soil moisture should be moderate but not constantly wet. If your plant gets too tall or leggy, just pinch it back.

Plant in part sun to full shade 8″ to 10″ apart. Grows 9″ to 12″ tall and 9″ to 10″ wide.

We grow Hypoestes in our #4 (1801) Annual size and carry Splash Pink, Splash Red, Splash Rose and Splash White.

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