Ice Storm

Well, things have not really gone as planned this week.  I planned on doing a post on Monday with more new items and an update of what’s been happening on the farm . . . BUT the weather changed all my plans.  We had to be in Arlington on Wednesday so with the ice storm moving in we decided to leave early so in the span of an hour we decided to go, packed up and was on the road.  Which meant no blog post on Monday.  The roads were clear but ice formed on the car and wipers until we got south of Macalister, OK.

Plan B was to blog on Tuesday, but the Sheraton charges $13 A DAY!  Ridiculous.  So you get a post today instead.

The ice storm pretty much has everything back home shut down.  There are some people with out power like my parents.  The power was off at the greenhouses for a hour or so this morning.  We have a backup generator that will power the farm in case that does happen.  Only a few people made it in to work which was OK since the plugs have been taking a few extra days to root out completely.  So until the plugs get ready to transplant we don’t have that much to do.

We do have some cuttings coming in this week.  With the ice storm and cold temperatures there is always the possibility of the cuttings getting frozen in transit.   We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

I’ll get back to regular posting agian on Friday.

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