If Only The Sun Would Come Out

We have a lot of plants that are sizing up and starting to bud but the cloudy weather has us running 1-2 weeks behind on a lot of things.  In addition to that we scheduled less to be ready in early March than previous years which seems to have been a good move at this point.

Here is our new availability: avail-2-26

Now for the pictures…

Ageratum just starting to bud out, but the alyssum needs another week.

ageratum-J6 alyssum-J6

The broccoli and other cole crops are looking good.  We are running low of a few varieties of our first crop but the next one should be ready by March 8.  The combo deco pots are coloring up.  A good day or two of sun and these babies will look awesome.

broccoli-1204 combo-deco-12in

The dianthus is coming on slow, but the lettuce is loving the weather.

dianthus-J6 lettuce-1204

Plum Vein Wave Petunias and Cherry Profusion Zinnias

wave-petunia-plum-vein-6in zinnia-profusion-cherry

Only the Profusion Cherry and Orange Zinnias are blooming, the rest are still just budded.  Weird, huh?

zinnia-profusion-orange zinnia-profusion


achillea-paprika alcea-queeny-purple

dianthus-double-dwarf-mix perennials7

Last up is a video of the perennials and me discussing some of what we have ready (when my brain is working that is).

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