New Guinea Impatiens

Tamarinda Neon Flame

New Guinea Impatiens are offer another popular plant for gardeners with a lot of shade. Their blooms brighten up any shady spot from porches to flower beds under your favorite old tree. New Guineas do best in part shade. A spot with morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal.

New Guinea blooms are considerably larger than their impatien cousins. Blooms can reach up to 3 inches wide. The blooms are bright and attract pollinators. The foliage can range from medium green to very dark green depending on the variety. A few varieties have variegated foliage. Overall they provide a tropical look.

New Guineas thrive in the heat but do require adequate water. The plants are well branched and mounding. They bloom from late spring to fall and will do well in both landscapes and containers.

#4.5 Premium Petticoat New Guinea Impatiens

We produce Petticoat New Guinea Impatiens in #4.5 Premium. Follow the link to see more about them.

#10 Hanging Basket New Guinea Impatiens

Hang New Guinea baskets in full sun to full shade. They will do well in both with will need considerably more water if hung in full sun. The ideal location is a spot that gets morning sun and afternoons shade.

In our #10 Hanging Baskets we produce 7 colors of the Magnum series, 3 colors of the Roller Coaster series, Tamarinda Neon Flame and Wild Romance Blush Pink. With the exception of the Tamarinda and Wild Romance, our New Guinea baskets are not sold by the color.

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