Inventory Is Zero But…

1 gal stella daylily I have zeroed out most of the inventory since the numbers were wrong and it is too hot to go count it all.

But we are going to keep watering some of the baskets, begonias and other items that are good for landscaping. So if you need something, give us a call and we can check to see if we have it or not. Most likely we will quit watering everything sometime next week. You have a few more days to wrap up those last minute orders that might come in.

Savona Red We are planting our mums in the field next week. We have about the same about scheduled as we did last year. We are taking orders for our mums and pansies if you want to pre-book. If you need a lot of one color of either, we highly recommend pre-booking it to make sure you get it.

We are also taking orders for poinsettia if you are ready to get that wrapped up. Again we are doing about the same amounts we did last year.

There are not any big changes or additions to either programs for this year. I hope your summer of off to a good start, and I will get back to posting regularly soon.

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