Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine

Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine are beautiful and fast growing vines that provide an easy means of adding color to containers and flower beds. These plants are vigorous and help you add sophisticated color and form to containers and gardens. They are available in several colors and leaf forms.

Ipomoea can be used as an ornamental accent plant to add color and trailing foliage to containers and landscapes. They do great in hanging baskets. Some varieties can be trained to climb up fences and trellises.

Sweet Potato Vines are very low maintenance and are both heat and drought tolerant. Once established the underground tuber retains enough water to get through some dry spells. They will grow in sun or shade. However, the foliage color will not be as bold in the shade. They like moist, well-drained soil and have average to moderate water needs. Be sure to give them plenty of room to grow or they could over power plants close to them.  If they get too big, just give them a trim to keep them in control.

Plant in full sun to part sun 24″ to 36″ apart. Grows 6″ to 12″ tall and 24″ to 48″ wide. Some varieties can spread out farther.

We grow Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine in our #4.5″ Premium Annuals and our #10 Hanging Basket sizes. In the #4.5 Premium we carry Blackie, Marguerite (or Margarite), Rusty Red, Solar Power Black Heart and Tri-color.

Blackie Ipomoea

Blackie Sweet Potato Vine has dark purple leaves are shaped like a prehistoric three-toed dinosaur footprint. Its leaves start out more green then develop the almost black color as they mature.

Marguerite Ipomoea

Marguerite Sweet Potato Vine has heart-shaped leaves that are chartreuse.  This is probably the most popular color of sweet potato vine because of the bright contrast that it brings to to landscapes and containers. There are also 3-lobed leaf varieties of the same color that are sometimes sold as Marguerite.

Rusty Red Ipomoea

Rusty Red Sweet Potato Vine has the 3-lobed leaves like and its leaves turn a rusty-red color. Also like Blackie the new growth starts out more green and turn rusty as it matures. 

Solar Power Black Heart Ipomoea

Solar Power Black Heart has heart-shaped leaves that are dark purple to nearly black. It is a medium vigor variety with good branching that holds it shape well in containers and landscapes.

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Tri-color Ipomoea

Tri-color Sweet Potato Vine has lobed leaves with pointed tips.  They are predominantly green with white margins and will develop pink and white patches as they mature. This variety has smaller leaves and is not as vigorous as other varieties so it won’t take over as much.

Ipomoea Hanging Baskets

In our #10 Baskets we carry Marguerite and a Blackie & Marguerite Mix. You can see all the basket varieties here.

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