Is Fall Finally Here?

Fall officially starts on Sunday. So far we haven’t seen much fall around here. The mums are on schedule and the pansies and other fall plants are blooming, but it has felt more like summer all month. We did get the rain last night and it’s still raining some now. I am really looking forward to the cooler temperatures this weekend. I plan on spending Saturday in the woods so cooler is good but I hear that the yearling ticks are awful. I can handle the ticks. It’s the chiggers that kill me.

J6 dianthus 9-20-13 98So far this fall we are a little behind, but we have a lot of orders in the pipe that are consuming the inventory. I have forward inventory in to free up availability now but we are still out of some items (#8 mums particularly) until I can get past the big orders.

Everything is looking good. I will probably have to dump some petunias that are getting too tall, and we skipped over some tall pansies. There was a mix up somewhere in the plug order on our next crop of red dianthus. It’s rose so we will be temporarily out of the red until we get into another crop.

I haven’t mentioned the Ornamental Cabbage and Kale yet this fall but we have some great looking #6 and #8 pots ready along with #6 Swiss Chard and a few J6 Cole Crops we have left.

J6 cole crops 9-20-13 6in red cabbage 9-20-13 6in red kale 9-20-13 6in white cabbage 9-20-13 6in white kale 9-20-13 8in cabbage and kale 9-20-13 8in red bor kale 9-20-13 8in red kale 9-20-13 8in red kale and cabbage 9-20-13 8in white peacock kale 9-20-13 6in swiss chard 9-20-13

Mums are in various stages. We have some of the early ones left showing some color with the mid-season mums just now starting to crack some color in the buds.

mums 9-20-13 79 mums 9-20-13 54 mums 9-20-13 57 mums 9-20-13 58 mums 9-20-13 59 mums 9-20-13 60 mums 9-20-13 61 mums 9-20-13 65 mums 9-20-13 67 mums 9-20-13 68 mums 9-20-13 69 mums 9-20-13 71 mums 9-20-13 74

J6 Dianthus is starting to color up.

J6 dianthus 9-20-13 95 J6 dianthus 9-20-13 96

These are our current availability pansies, panolas and violas.

J6 panola 9-20-13 94 J6 pansy 9-20-13 81 J6 pansy 9-20-13 82 J6 pansy 9-20-13 83 J6 pansy 9-20-13 84 J6 pansy 9-20-13 85 J6 pansy 9-20-13 86 J6 pansy 9-20-13 87 J6 pansy 9-20-13 88 J6 pansy 9-20-13 89 J6 pansy 9-20-13 90 J6 pansy 9-20-13 91 J6 viola 9-20-13 92

The next crop of Pansies, Panolas and Violas are looking very nice.

J6 planting wk 40

Most of our next crop of 1801 pansies are not quite ready yet, but there are a few color that we can pull some from. We will be adding in 1801 availability as they get ready next week, but some won’t be ready for another 10-14 days.

1801 pansy 9-20-13 36 1801 pansy 9-20-13 38

J6 Petunias have Good Color and what’s left of the first planting of Dusty Miller looks good. There will be some gaps in the availability of both if we sell the current availability. The next crops of both won’t be ready next week. The 1801 petunias are colored up. They don’t have many blooms showing here because we went through them and picked the blooms off to keep bad blooms from falling into the plants.

J6 petunias 9-20-13 05 J6 petunias 9-20-13 21 J6 dusty miller 9-20-13 24 1801 petunias 9-20-13 07 1801 petunias 9-20-13 08

Snapdragons in J6 and 1801. We have a lot of Good Color in our 1801 Sonnet Snapdragons. Also have Good Color in our J6 Montego Mix but less color showing in the solid colors. We will probably run out the J6 snaps next week and have a gap until the next crop gets ready.

J6 snapdragons 9-20-13 0 J6 snapdragons 9-20-13 02 J6 snapdragons 9-20-13 03 J6 snapdragons 9-20-13 06 J6 snapdragons 9-20-13 99 1801 snapdragons 9-20-13 39 1801 snapdragons 9-20-13 40

#6 Calibrachoas

6in calibrachoas 9-20-13 25 6in calibrachoas 9-20-13 26 6in calibrachoas 9-20-13 27 6in calibrachoas 9-20-13 30

Wave Petunias in #6 pots and #10 baskets. The pink, violet and white wave petunia baskets are smaller than the blue shown below.

6in wave petunias 9-20-13 31 10in wave petunia baskets 9-20-13

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