It’s Fall Y’all! Availability Update for the Week of September 12

It looks like the forecast is cooling off.  I know I am ready for the change.  We are getting some good numbers in the pansies this week and the fall color is really starting to show.  Here are the pictures for the week of 9-12-16:

J6 Dianthus Mix 9-9-16J6 Dianthus White 9-9-16J6 Dusty Miller 9-9-16J6 Marigold Janie Mix 9-9-16J6 Panola Beaconsfield 9-9-16J6 Panola Clear Mix 9-9-16J6 Panola Purple 9-9-16J6 Panola Yellow Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Blotch Yellow 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Blue Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Mix 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Purple 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Red Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus White Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Beaconsfield 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Blotch Mix 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Mix 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Light Blue 9-9-16 (2)J6 Pansy Matrix Light Blue 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Morpheus 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Purple 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Red Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Rose 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix White 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Yellow 9-9-16 (2)J6 Pansy Matrix Yellow 9-9-16J6 Petunia Appleblossom9-9-16J6 Petunia Burgundy 9-9-16J6 Petunia Midnight 9-9-16J6 Petunia Rose 9-9-16J6 Petunia White 9-9-16J6 Snapdragons Mix 9-9-16J6 Snapdragons Orange 9-9-16J6 Snapdragons Red 9-9-16J6 Snapdragons Yellow 9-9-16J6 Veggies Cabbage Red 9-9-16J6 Viola Purple 9-9-16J6 Viola Select Mix 9-9-16J6 Viola Yellow Jump Up 9-9-16

Much of the J6 are looking very nice right now.  The #4 are coming along as well.

#4 Petunia Midnight 9-9-16#4 Petunia Mix 9-9-16#4 Petunia White 9-9-16#4 Snapdragon Mix 9-9-16 (2)#4 Snapdragon Mix 9-9-16#4 Snapdragon Yellow 9-9-16 (2)#4 Snapdragon Yellow 9-9-16

The #6 pots are filling out with good color

#6 Calibrachoa Apricot 9-9-16#6 Calibrachoa Scarlet 9-9-16#6 Calibrachoa White 9-9-16#6 Calibrachoa Yellow 9-9-16 (2)#6 Calibrachoa Yellow 9-9-16#6 Pansy Cool Wave Purple 9-9-16#6 Pansy Cool Wave Violet Wing 9-9-16

We have foliage baskets ready

#10 Foliage Basket #1001 9-9-16 (2)#10 Foliage Basket #1001 9-9-16

Some of the #8 mums look like they may crack open next week

#8 Mums 9-9-16 (2)#8 Mums 9-9-16 (3)#8 Mums 9-9-16

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