It’s Official

J6 Mix Dianthus 9-18-15Next week it will officially become fall.  What a great time of year!  It is, by far, my favorite season.  I can’t wait to get caught up around the house so that I can plant some of these beautiful flowers and veggies.  Here are some pictures of the latest offerings to put on your shelves.

J6 Violet Dianthus 9-18-15J6 Colossus Formula Mix Pansies 9-18-15J6 Colossus Neon Violet Pansies 9-18-15J6 Colossus Tricolor Pansies 9-18-15J6 Colossus White Blotch Pansies 9-18-15J6 Colossus Yellow Blotch Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Blotch Mix Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Clear Yellow Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Halloween Mix Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Lavender Shades Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Purple Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix True Blue Pansies 9-18-15J6 Beaconsfield Panola 9-18-15J6 Dreams Burgundy Petunia 9-18-15 (2)J6 Dreams Burgundy Petunia 9-18-15J6 Dreams White Petunia 9-18-15J6 Prism Sunshine Petunia 9-18-15J6 Burgundy Snapdragons 9-18-15J6 Harvest Mix Viola 9-18-15J6 Select Mix Viola 9-18-15

Lots of pretty J6 and #4 flowers are in stock and looking good this week

#4 Colossus Formula Mix Pansies 9-18-15#4 Matrix Clear Mix Pansies 9-18-15#4 Matrix Orange Pansies 9-18-15#4 Matrix Purple Pansies 9-18-15

We have some #6 calibrachoa as well

#6 Lavender Calibrachoa 9-18-15#6 Purple Calibrachoa 9-18-15#6 White Calibrachoa 9-18-15#6 Yellow Calibrachoa 9-18-15

Some really nice ornamental leaf crops

#6 Chidori Red Kale 9-18-15#6 Chidori White Kale 9-18-15#6 Red Mustard 9-18-15#6 Swiss Chard 9-18-15#8 Peacock Red Kale 9-18-15

Mums are here, too

#8 Mums 9-18-15#8 Mums 9-18-15 (2)#12 Mums 9-18-15

Lastly, we have some really nice cole crops

J6 Early Jersey Cabbage 9-18-15J6 Pak Choi 9-18-15J6 Red Cabbage 9-18-15

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