It’s Snowing Again And We Are Planting Petunia Baskets

IMG_20140204_220911I finally got a chance to get out into the greenhouses yesterday afternoon. It snowed all morning and was still snowing a little when I went out. But we are not going to let a little snow stop us. It’s week 6 and we getting as much done as we can. They are forecasting more snow for this afternoon.

(This first picture is a door that I found open when I drove through the farm about 10 o’clock Tuesday night. Not a good thing to find.)

It’s hard to move plants around to the houses they need to be planted in when it’s 18 F out but we have a box on the back of a pickup with a heater we use so that worked out ok. The cold, cloudy weather we have had has some of our plugs running behind schedule. What we have planted is looking good though. We might be a little behind on a few items in early March if it stays cold and cloudy this month.

We have a lot planted and the crew was planting Wave Petunia baskets when I happened by. The color they were planting was surprising but I will get to that in a minute.

I took some pictures while I was out too.

We have some cole crops that are pretty much ready. We are moving them to a colder house to harden them off. A couple of the new items we added this spring are Pak Choi and Chinese Napa Cabbage in the 1204’s to go with our other cole crops. These additions are for those who want to grow their own greens for cooking more ethnic cuisines.

pakl choi 1204 chinese napa cabbage 1204 cole crops 1204 

Quickstar Kohlrabi is another addition to our ethnic vegetables. We are growing them in our #4 Charley’s Veggies line. Kohlrabi is supposed to grow fast. They may be ready to eat by the time you get them on their benches.

kohlrabi 4in 

Some of the early J6 are filling in nicely like these J6 snapdragons.

snapdragons J6 

Here are some newly planted 1801’s and J6’s. Some of these have been planted longer than the others so they are bigger of course.

zinnias 1801 alyssum J6 begonias 1801 impatiens 1201 more 1204 more J6

Our first round of baskets and deco pots are looking good and some are blooming. They are not big enough yet but still very colorful like the these Caliente Geraniums.

caliente geranium basket 1 caliente geranium basket 8

We also have some of our Confetti Gardens, other combination baskets and deco pots that have popped some color.

combination 12in basket 1 combination 12in basket confetti garden rockin red deco confetti garden spring deco 

I like this red petunia. It is Sweetunia Hot Rod Red which is also the same petunia used in the Confetti Garden above. The Papaya and Yellow Petunias go with the Hot Rod Red as additions in our #2 Basket line. The other baskets are our second planting of the every popular fuchsia baskets and New Guinea Impatiens.

hot rod red petunia baskets papaya petunia basket yellow petunia basket fuchsia baskets new guinea impatiens basket 

Take a look at the names of these two new Wave Petunias we are trialing this spring. I wonder what they will look like?

easy wave burgundy velout petunia easy wave red velour petunia 

These are our tropical hibiscus and mandevilla and the first crop of #6 Marigolds.

mandevilla tropical hibiscus taishan marigolds 6in

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