It’s Starting to Feel Like Fall Now

J6 Floral Lace white Dianthus 9-11-15

Things are really looking great.  It is so nice to see all this color back in the greenhouses.

Here are some of our J6 flowers

J6 Beaconsfield Panola 9-11-15J6 Colossus Blue Blotch Pansy 9-11-15J6 Colossus Formula Mix Pansy 9-11-15 (2)J6 Colossus Formula mix pansy 9-11-15J6 Colossus Tricolor Pansy 9-11-15J6 Colossus Yellow Blotch Pansy 9-11-15J6 Dreams Mix Petunia 9-11-15J6 dusty miller 9-11-15J6 Floral lace Crimson Dianthus 9-11-15J6 Floral Lace Mix Dianthus 9-11-15J6 Harvest Mix Viola 9-11-15J6 Matrix Beaconsfield Pansy 9-11-15J6 Matrix True Blue pansy 9-11-15J6 Montego Burgundy bicolor Snapdragons 9-11-15J6 Montego Mix Snapdragons 9-11-15J6 Montego Red Snapdragons 9-11-15J6 Panola Golden Yellow 9-11-15J6 Sorbet Yellow Duet Viola 9-11-15J6 True Blue Panola 9-11-15J6Sorbet select Mix viola 9-11-15J6 Beaconsfield Panola 9-11-15 - Copy

Some larger plants

#4 Dreams Burgundy Petunia 9-11-15#4 Petunia Deams mix 9-11-15#6 Apricot Calibrachoa 9-11-15#6 Calibrachoa Lavender 9-11-15#6 Colossus Formula Mix 9-11-15 (2)#6 Colossus Formula Mix 9-11-15#6 Red Kale 9-11-15

Cole crops

J6 Broccoli 9-11-15J6 cauliflower 9-11-15J6 Pak Choi 9-11-15#4 Collards 9-11-15


#8 red mum 9-11-15 (2)#8 red mum 9-11-15#8 yellow mum 9-11-15

And even baskets

#10 Wave Petunia baskets 9-11-15

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