It’s Still Early But…

…we have a few plants that are starting to get ready.

Be sure to check out our Current Availability to see our complete list. In addition to our cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts, we have some annual color starting to pop out.

Our Wave Petunia baskets are really coloring up fast and we have a bunch. We ended up with some leftover colors in the plugs so in addition to our regular colors and mixes, I have added an “Odd Ball Mix” item to lump these into that include mixes like Violet & White.

Wave Petunia Baskets

Our early J6’s have some color too. I kept the dianthus off for now until it can Bud up more. It will probably be at least a week before we have Buds or some Buds/Light Color on our J6 Petunias. In the meantime, we have Ageratum, Impatiens, Snapdragons and Verbena.

ageratum J6 impatiens J6

snapdragons J6 verbena J6

1204 Tomatoes are ready too for all those early farmers.

1204 tomatoes-1 1204 tomatoes-3

1204 Onions

onion 1204 onion

These are some random pics of other items that we have in production.

bumper crop tomato greenhouse

hardy ferns mandevilla

new portulaca 1204 pentas

planting setcresea polemonium

tropical hibiscus voltage yellolw osteospermum

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