Landscape Roses

sunblaze rainbow rose landscape miniature © star roses

Sunblaze® Roses is a series of miniature landscape roses from Star® Roses. Sunblaze Roses are popular for their compact size and their selection of bright colors. They are hardy and will do well in landscapes and containers.

The plants are low maintenance and have very good disease resistance. They bloom from spring to fall and require less pruning. In warmer climates they can even keep blooming in the winter.

Sunblaze Roses vary somewhat among their varieties and the colors we carry.

Plant Sunblaze Roses in full sun. Varieties grow 12-24″ tall and 15-24″ wide

We grow these landscape roses in our 1G Premium Perennials. The Sunblaze colors we carry are Amber, Candy, Rainbow, Red and Salmon. The colors we carry sometimes differ from the list due to substitutions by the supplier.

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