Landscapers, Fall Pansies and Next Weeks Availability

This past week was a good week for us despite things slowing down a lot.  This is pretty normal for the week after Mother’s Day.  The rain and severe weather that hit Oklahoma and part of Arkansas didn’t help much.  Thankfully, none of our customers were hit by the tornadoes as far as we’ve been able to determine.

If you saw last weeks post, you may have seen the pictures of the pansies and snapdragons in the landscape of a local high school.  Due to the nice weather we’ve had all spring, landscaper customers haven’t let their landscapers pull the pansies until this past week so we are running behind on our sales to them.  I think we now have 3 plantings of begonias ready.  Luckily for us, begonias can hold for a long time.

I’ve spent a good part of this week finalizing our fall production numbers.  Production is going to be pretty close to what we did last year.  New pansy introductions were not too impressive this year but we have added a couple of new items which I’ll tell you about soon.  For now if you need to book any pansies or mums now is the time to get with your sales rep and let them know what you need.

Availability for May 17 – avail-5.17 (Updated Friday at 3:15 pm)

Here are a few more Swishes and Bricks:

Brick – #4 Impatiens and #10 Impatiens Baskets. Based on last years sales I cut way back on these two items and we missed out on a lot of sales this year because I didn’t have enough of them.

Swish – Just about every other #10 Basket. Our basket sales were stellar last year even on a down year, and this year we have sold every basket we’ve put on the list so far.

confetti4 lantana

lotta-color plumbago

scaevola-lantana-combo vinca-cora-cascade

Begonias ornamental-peppers

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