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PassionFruit Lantana
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Lantana is the plant to get if you are searching for a colorful, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plant.  This popular annual always delivers in abundance, producing clusters of fragrant, trumpet shaped flowers.

The foliage is green and with serrated leaves.  The lantana we grow have a growth habit that is mounding and slightly trailing. Lantana love to soak up the heat and require little maintenance. They can be trimmed back to control growth or to promote more branching for bushier plants.

They look great in the garden or in pots on the patio.  Another benefit of this ruggedly tough plant is butterflies and hummingbirds love it.

We grow Passion Fruit Lantana and mixes of Shamrock Lantanas in our #10 Hanging Baskets size category.

Plant and grow Shamrock Lantanas and PassionFruit Lantana in full sun. They both grow 12-16″ tall and 12-14″ wide.

Click the link to see more varieties of Lantana we grow in other sizes.

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