Last Call for Mums and Pansies

We are almost out of mums and into our last crop of pansies on some colors and pulling for 2 crops of pansies in other colors. Take a look at the inventory to see what we have left.

This is what the mums look like. These will keep coloring up more each day. We mostly have purple left.

8in mums 8in purple mums 46 8in purple mums 47 12in mum bronze 12in mum purple 40 12in mum purple 41 12in mum purple 48 12in mum purple 49 12in mum purple 50 12in mum white

This is what our 1801 pansies are looking like. We will do a physical count and update our available numbers Friday 10-18-13.

1801 pansy 22 1801 pansy 02 1801 pansy 03 1801 pansy 04 1801 pansy 05 1801 pansy 16 1801 pansy 18 1801 pansy 19 1801 pansy 20 1801 pansy 17

J6 Pansies, Panolas and Violas

J6 white with purple wing pansy J6 blotch blue pansy J6 blotch white pansy J6 halloween mix pansy J6 orange pansy J6 pansy 25 J6 pansy 26 J6 pansy 27 J6 pansy 28 J6 pansy 29 J6 pansy 30 J6 pansy 31 J6 pansy 32 J6 purple pansy J6 purple viola J6 viola 23 J6 viola 24 J6 violas

Cabbage, Kale and other stuff we have here and there

J6 snaps 6in wave petunias 1801 petunias 1801 snaps J6 petunias 7 J6 petunias 8 6in cool wave violet wing pansy 6in cool wave white pansy 6in cool wave yellow pansy cabbage and kale 36 cabbage and kale 37 peacock white kale red and white kale red bor kale red cabbage swiss chard cool wave pansy basket 2 cool wave pansy basket 3 cool wave pansy basket 6

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