Leaped Over Leap Year Day To March

I did not realize that this was a leap year until February 29. I guess I need to pay better attention. Not that we would celebrate it or anything. At least it wasn’t on Monday. That would be like adding an extra Monday to your year and no on wants that, but I digress.

We are getting a lot more color out, but it is still early and the availability is at normal levels for this time of year. We will not have much of the premium items like New Guinea Impatiens and warm weather items like portulaca or zinnias for another week or two. One of the guys here in the office said it was 70 degrees in KC yesterday and snowing there today. Just is subtle reminder to all of us that it is still officially winter.

Here are some pictures for next week. I will get around and post more as I have time this weekend and early next week. My handy dandy new phone can work wonders. I may even do a few videos but I need not one with me in it.

Be sure to look at the Availability in the email you get for what we will have ready on Monday. The Current Availability is what is ready today. If you do not get the email you can sign up for it on the top of the menu on the left side.

We have lots of cole crops or lettuce in 1204’s plus a good list of tomatoes and peppers. We have some veggies ready now and the rest will be ready on Monday.

1204-cole-crops 1204-lettuce

1204-petunias greenhouse-impatiens

J6-begonias1 J6-begonias4

J6-celosia6 J6-marigolds

j6-impatiens caladiums

colocasia-tar0-1gal geraniums-6in The #6 Geraniums are light on color now but I think they will really bloom out by Tuesday.

foliage-baskets fuchsia-baskets

For the record when you have a broken leg and you try to climb on top of your truck to get a close up picture of the fuchsia basket, you will fall off and will decide to take the picture zoomed in from the ground. Just saying.

geranium-caliente-baskets waves3

Keep checking back for more updates! Thanks!

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