Leftovers–Availability Update for June 6, 2014

We have some leftovers. I don’t we will be able to get anything together for delivery unless someone wanted to take a chunk of the leftover. Regardless, here are some pictures of what we have left. Be sure to check out the availability to see what we have discounted.

We will continue to water what we have on hand to cover the outstanding orders for our pick up customers and any other pickup customers who need product. I hope they get everything next week. We are tired of watering this stuff.

This is some of what we have left:

10in baskets 510in big begonias 6-5-1410in cora vinca baskets 1 6-5-1410in cora vinca baskets 2 6-5-1410in cora vinca baskets 3 6-5-1410in impatiens baskets 6-5-1410in new guinea baskets 4 6-5-1410in purslane baskets 6-5-1412in deco dragon wing begonias 6-5-1412in deco sunpatiens 6-5-14baskets 1 6-5-14baskets 2 6-5-14baskets 3 6-5-14

1gal salmon sunpatiens 6-5-144.5in coleus and mexican heather 6-5-144.5in lantana 6-5-144.5in purslane 6-5-144.5in scaevola 6-5-144.5in sweet potato vine 6-5-146in and 1801 caladiums 6-5-144.5in blue daze evolvulus 6-5-146in cora vinca 6-5-141801 red bronze begonias 6-5-14J6 begonias 6-5-14J6 impatiens 6-5-14J6 portulaca 6-5-14

1qt artemesia 6-5-141qt delosperma 6-5-141qt echinacea 6-5-141qt gailardia 6-5-141qt red salvia 6-5-141qt rudbeckia 6-5-141qt sedum 6-5-141qt sedum and delosperma 6-5-141qt sempervivum 6-5-14

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