Let’s Get Down to Business

#1002 New Guinea Impatiens 3-2-18

The plants are here!  There are many beautiful, retail ready plants in our greenhouses.  Here are a few pictures so you can see how nicely things are coming along.  Spring is almost here.  Buckle up, its gonna go fast

#1 Deluxe Perennial Fern Southern Wood 3-2-18#1 Deluxe Perennial Hosta Guacamole 3-2-18

Here are a few of the gallon perennials we have ready now. Love the Guacamole hostas

#1 Qt Perennial Artemesia 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Coreopsis Golden Sphere 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Delosperma Grenade Fire 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Digitalis Yellow 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Echinacea 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Lavender Silver Anouk 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Salvia Mirage 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Sedum Lemon Ball 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Sempervivum 3-2-18#1 Qt Perennial Verbena Red 3-2-18

The quart perennials are stunning, as always.  We have many varieties available now. Get yours before we run out

#4 Charley's Veggeies Eggplant 3-2-18#4 Charley's Veggeies Peppers 3-2-18

The #4 Charley’s Veggies are ready to plant.  The big tag is sure an eye catcher

#4 Deluxe Ajuga 3-2-18#4 Deluxe Glacier Ivy 3-2-18

The #4 Deluxe are very nice right now.  The ivies are all very full

#4 Peace Farm Organics Lemon Grass 3-2-18#4 Peace Farm Organics Vietnamese Coriander 3-2-18

We have many varieties of the Peace Farm Organics ready to go.  There are lots of interesting new varieties added this year

#4 Stepables 3-2-18#4 Stepables 3-2-18 (2)

The Stepables are filling out and ready for traffic

#1002 Basket Zonal Geranium 3-2-18#1003 Basket Boston Fern 3-2-18

We have baskets ready, too

#4.5 Lobelia 3-2-18#4.5 Osteo 3-2-18

The few varieties of the 4.5 that are ready sure do look nice

J6 Dianthus 3-2-18J6 Impatiens 3-2-18 (2)J6 Marigolds 3-2-18J6 Salvia 3-2-18J6 Snaps 3-2-18J6 Verbena 3-2-18

The J6 Annuals are coming along as well

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