Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy

Leucanthemum Becky

Leucanthemum Becky puts on a show with a large display of white flowers from spring through early fall.  The huge 4 inch blooms are pure white with yellow centers on tall sturdy stems.  Even though they are tall, they don’t usually require staking. 

The deep green foliage has a shine and slight texture and contrasts nicely with the white flowers. Gardeners can enjoy them indoors also because they make great cut flowers for bouquets. Becky Leucanthemum also attracts butterflies but is deer and rabbit resistant.

Becky has average water requirements. It is easy to care for and will tolerate poor soils. It’s a fast growing perennials and establishes quickly. Once established it is drought tolerant.

Plant in full sun to part sun 20-30″ apart. The compact foliage grows 10-14″ tall and the blooms can reach 24-36″ tall.

Leucanthemum Becky is available in our Quart Perennial size category.

Leucanthemum Madonna

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Madonna Leucanthemum is a newer variety of shasta daisy. It was bred for superior performance in its growing habit and blooming. Madonna is a dwarf variety that stays compact and will do well in both containers and landscapes. Madonna is a 2020 Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner.

New blooms shoot up above the foliage and open to a clear white with yellow centers. The new flowers bloom over and cover the older fading flowers. Bloom time is summer and early fall.

Madonna Leucanthemum needs soils with good drainage. It will not tolerate soggy soils. Mulching is beneficial in dryer climates. Remove faded blooms to promote new flowers. Cut back foliage in the late fall or winter after it turns yellow.

Plant in full sun 12-14″ apart. Grows 10-12″ tall and 12-14″ wide.

Leucanthemum Madonna is available in our Quart Perennial size category.

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