Blazing Star (Liatris spicata)

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Common Names: Dense Blazing Star, Blazing Star,

Liatris spicata has spiky, purple blooms that rise out of grassy, narrow-leaved foliage adding interesting texture to any garden. Blazing Star’s blooms start opening from the top down . The blooms spikes will attract nectar-loving creatures to your garden. Liatris is native to the eastern part of North America often found in moist or marshy areas or in prairies or meadows.

The blooms are good for cut flower arrangements. When the flowers start to fade in the vase cut off that part and the rest will keep blooming and last for a while.

Plant Liatris in full sun 15-18″ apart. Grows 36-48″ tall and 6-12″ wide.

Liatris spicata is available in our Quart Native Perennials size category.

Spicata Liatris
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