LITTLE BLUESTEM (Schizachyrium)

Schizachyrium scoparium little bluestem grass flikr public domain
Little Bluestem Photo by Dan Keck Public domain

Common Names: Povertygrass, Broom Bluestem, Prarie Beardgrass

Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) is a warm-season, native, perennial grass. Its native range covers most of the US except for Oregon, California and Nevada. Bluestem is used as an ornamental native grass in landscapes for its blue-green foliage that retains its color all season long. In the fall, it changes to a reddish-bronze color and can hold its color all winter.

Bluestem grows in a dense mound. It grows well in dry, sandy soils. It can adapt to almost all types of soils. Like most prairie plants, Bluestem is low maintenance and drought tolerant once established due to having a deep root system so be sure to plant in areas where those deep roots can grow. Cut to the ground in late winter or early spring.

Plant in full sun 18-24″ apart. Grows 24-48″ tall and 18-24″ wide.

Little Bluestem is available in our Quart Native Perennials size category.

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