Loading House Pictures

We have what we call our loading house where everything is stocked for loading our trucks for delivery. Here are a couple of pictures of 2 bays of the loading area. We have 11 bays in total. I might get around tomorrow and take pictures of all 11 to post.

In this first one in the far back you can see a pickup customer being helped by one of our loaders. In the front are some great looking #4 Celosia, some Wave Baskets on the floor (we sometimes have to stock baskets on the floor for a little while) and behind them are our Stepables.


In this one, we are unloading a truck and restocking. You can see some Wave Petunias baskets hanging up high. There are two crops hanging up high. The mature crop is on the right and the next crop are the smaller ones on the left. You can also see how good our Purslane baskets look hanging low on the far right side along the wall.


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