Lotta Pics Of A Lotta Plants

You want flowers? We got ‘em.

I am behind today so all you get are pictures. Weekend looks great everywhere. Hope yours is awesome.

Call me. 🙂


vinca 4 vinca 5 vinca 6 vinca 7


4.5in scaevola 4.5 coloeus 1 4.5 coloeus 8 4.5 mexicna heather 4.5in angleonia 4.5in dahlias 4.5in double impatiens 4.5in evolvulus 4.5in geraniums 4.5in gerbera daisy 4.5in lantana  5 4.5in new guinea impatiens 4.5in penta 4.5in plectranthus 4.5in purslane


8in wave medley 6in cora vinca 6in geranium 6in ornamental peppers 4 6in wave petunias 8in gerbera daisy 8in purslane 8in sunflowe


1801 zinnias 9 1801 gazania 1801 hypoestes 1801 plumosus fern 1801 rose bronze begonias 1801 sprengri fern 1801 vinca


deco trailing petunia combo basket 12in blue a fuse basket 12in lantana basket 12in scaevola basket begonia basket calibrachoa 4 basket ipomoea basket new guinea impatiens 8 basket scaevola 3 basket wave petunia 1 baskets cora cascade periwinkle coco 12in cone 9 coco basket 4 coco basket 5 coco planter 8 color bowls deco dragon wing begonia


1 gal tomato 1 gal clematis 1 gal daylily 1 gal hardy fern 1 gal hardy hibiscus 1 gal hosta 1 1 gal hosta 6 1 gal lantana 1 gal sunpatiens 2

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