Louisiana Trip Pictures Part 1

We went to Louisiana this weekend and stopped in at several garden centers.  Here are some pictures from our trip.

This first batch is from Louisiana Nursery in Baton Rouge.  Louisiana Nursery has 4 locations.  We stopped at their Perkins Road location.

P3280075 P3280077

P3280080 P3280083

P3280088 P3280086

P3280078 P3280079

P3280074 Can you believe that these tomatoes were grown in Michigan?  Michigan!? That’s right, they’re eating Yankee tomatoes in Louisiana.  Now fur some good ol’ suthern sown an’ suthern grown t’maters they need  some of Charley’s Veggies on their tables ‘cause ev’ryone knows suthern t’maters just taste bet’r. 🙂

Stay tuned for more pictures from our trip.

****Disclaimer – I took pictures of all the product in the stores which includes product that we do not grow.

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