Make It Stop Raining!

montego snapdragons Hello,

What do you think of spring so far? My sales people are sweating their numbers when they compare them to last year, but I’ve told them that it’s apples to oranges. We can’t compare an early spring to a late spring. The big question is will the sales catch up? I think they will. Based on the chatter on Twitter and Facebook, there are a lot of people who are ready to garden if the weather would just cooperate.

There is a freeze forecasted for a lot of our areas we ship to along and north of Interstate 40. Some areas have snow forecasted for Monday. Snow in April??? We are in another one of those new normal springs. Basically, my definition of a “new normal” spring is a spring that is completely different from the previous 3-4 springs.

All the weather talk aside, we are really hustling to keep the plants looking good. This has been a hard growing spring. There has been too much cool and cloudy weather. Even with all that the plants look great. We are into some new crops with lighter color on several items. Some items are now available that have not been ready yet this spring like the #4.5 New Guinea Impatiens and #12 Trailing Petunia Combo baskets. We are running behind on our #12 combo baskets due to the weather.

pacifica mix vincaJ6 Pacifica Mix Vinca in full color. It’s hard to beat Vinca for eye-catching color.

The 1204, J6’s and 1801 are split between good color on the last crop and light color on the next crop. We are all over the board on color for next week. Be sure to watch the comments. I will be updating them early next week to keep them as current as possible.

1204 floral lace dianthus 1204 happy hour portulaca 1801 taishan marigolds 1801 zinnias 1 1801 zinnias 2 J6 black dragon and wizard coleus J6 clear crystal alyssum J6 dreams petunias J6 Kimono Celosia J6 marigolds J6 montego snapdragons J6 pacifica polka dot J6 wizard coleus

Our larger sizes (#4.5 Premium, #6’s, 1G’s and #8’s) are looking good.

1 gal sunpatiens 1 1 gal sunpatiens 2 4.5in baby wing begonia 4.5in begonia bliss orange 4.5in coleus 4.5in dahlinova dahlia 4.5in euphorbia 4.5in gerbera daisy 4.5in ipomoea margarite 4.5in lobelia 6in confetti garden hawaiian summer 6in confetti gardens 6in dragon wing begonias 6in rose splash geranium 6in wave petunias 8in wave medley confetti garden kir royal

Lots of our popular #10 Hanging Baskets…

asparagus fern baskets bacopa basket begonia basket calibrachoa baskets 4 caliente geranium baskets 2 cora cascade vinca basket double impatiens basket dragon wing begonia baskets fuchsia baskets 2 trailing verbena baskets wave petunia basket 9 Wave petunia basket 1

…and some #12 Baskets too.

12in trailing petunia combo baskets 12in confetti garden spring

Charley’s Vegetables and Herbs

charley's herbs charley's vegetables big jim pepper charley's veggies peppers and eggplant charley's veggies peppers sage pineapple sage tri-color

Perennials – all of them on the list are looking very nice. We even have some color showing on a few of the quarts.

1gal clematis 1 2 gal peony 2 2 gal peony 11 coreopsis echinacea cheyenne spirit echinacea pow wow white leucanthemum sante monarda pink lace perovskia russian sage salvia greggii raspberry

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