Sun Parasol Mandevilla

Sun Parasol Mandevilla has beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers on vining green foliage. Mandevilla climbs quickly up trellises and blooms all summer long. If you are looking for a unique groundcover, it can also be used as such.  Trail it over a wall or from a hanging basket. These vigorous plants will lend a tropical look to your landscape.

Mandevilla are reasonably easy to grow and maintain. They grow best in full sun but will tolerate part sun. They tolerate varying weather conditions but are grown as annuals in areas where temperatures get below 40 degrees. When the weather turns colder, you can bring them indoors and keep them in a bright location.

We grow Mandevilla in our 1G Premium Tropical size and carry a good selection of colors.

Sun Parasol

Sun Parasol Apricot Mandevilla has large 3″ , creamy-yellow blooms with pink tints on the petals and orange throats. The plants have excellent branching with lots of blooms. They also have good heat tolerance and disease resistance.

Sun Parasol Apricot will climb 72-96″ tall and spread 24-36″ wide.

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Sun Parasol Garden

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Mandevilla is a dwarf variety that was bred for the flower bed and smaller containers. Their compact habit makes them perfect for patio pots, baskets, balconies as well as the flower bed! The beautiful trumpet-shaped blooms are around 3-4 inches in diameter on vining green foliage.

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson will climb 12-18″ tall and spread 18-24″ wide.

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Sun Parasol Giant

Sun Parasol Giant Mandevilla has beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers on vining green foliage. These have much larger blooms than other varieties.  They are around 4-6 inches in diameter.

We grow Giant Crimson, Giant Pink and Giant White. Sun Parasol Giant will climb 72-120″ tall and 24-48″ wide.

Sun Parasol Pretty

Sun Parasol Pretty Pink has better branching and shorter internodes than other varieties producing a higher flower count. This series has slightly smaller blooms, 2-3 inches, but the number of them makes up for it.

Pink Mandevilla
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