Minty Fresh Breath…In the Garden

IMG_1404 Minty Fresh doesn’t have to refer to just your toothpaste anymore.  Now you can catch a breath of minty fresh air in your garden too.  Mint is a hardy perennial that is determined to grow.  Some sites will say if you are notorious for killing every plant you touch, then mint is just the plant for you.  And it’s just as happy in a pot as it is in the garden making it a happy addition to even the smallest of patios.   Add in the fact that a lot of mints are natural pest deterrents and Mint quickly moves to the top of the planting line.

A Seasoned Mint Planter will warn you that even though Mint is easy to grow, it’s also a bit of a bully.  Mint spreads and can prove a tough competitor for any other plants you happen to plant it next to.  So if you want to plant your Mint in your garden or landscape, remember to create a barrier to keep your mint under control.  You can do this by either digging a large hole and then lining it with plastic (be sure to add drainage holes) or you can dig a large hole and place a large plastic container (again, don’t forget the drainage holes) inside the hole, fill with dirt and then plant the Mint inside the container.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the plant’s tag for proper spacing, sun requirements, and watering. 

Harvesting Mint is just as easy as growing it.  Simply pinch off the stems for fresh mint leaves to use in tea, recipes, or even a mixed Mint bowl of potpourri.  Parks Brothers carries a wide selection of Mint including Apple Mint, Chocolate Mint, Orange Mint, Peppermint, and Spearmint! 

For some unique ways to use Mint in your day to day life, check out this page on!  I’m thinking their recipe for Mint Shampoo is something I have just got to try  Minty Fresh Hair?  Oh yeah, I could handle that!

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