Mondays and Taking Applications

image Mondays after a holiday are like Mondays on steroids.  You have three times as much stuff to catch up on.  All the calls you make to catch up go strait to voice mail because everyone else in the world is just as snowed under as you are so you end up putting most of the work off until tomorrow.  I figure I’ll be caught up by Thursday or Friday.

To top it all off its 32 degrees and raining (freezing?).  However, crappy today is, Saturday was AWESOME!  It was sunny and the temps were in the 70’s.  Gotta love Arkansas weather.  75 degrees on Saturday then 32 on Monday and the weather psychics are forecasting 65 for Friday. 

 image We placed a Help Wanted ad to run on the weekend and are taking applications today.  I love application days with the endless phone calls from prospective employees.  They all go like this:

US:  Good Morning, Parks Brothers

THEM: Yeah, um, I’m calling about the ad in the paper.

US: Sure, how can I help you?

THEM:  What kind of job is it?

US:  We are a wholesale greenhouse.  We grow ornamental bedding plants and ship them across a ten state region.  We need people to transplant the plugs into larger containers, move plants, fill containers with soil and load trucks.


US:  Are you still there?

THEM:  So, um, its like work. 

US:  Yes, we do require our employees to perform duties that would be classified as work in exchange for a paycheck.

(more silence)

THEM:  OK, thanks.

US:  Do you need directions?

THEM:  Nah, I can find it.

An hour later about half of them will call for directions and the other half never call or show up.


In the greenhouses today, we planted some #4 petunias this morning along with our second planting of J6 pansies.  Now the crew is planting up our second crop of #10 ivy geranium baskets.  Some of the guys are running dirt (filling pots and flats with soil).  Last week we planted our first crop of combo pots and baskets.  I switched up the varieties and colors this year for some new combos and am anxious to see how they do. 

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