More Color and the First Availability

We had more color pop out this week with Snapdragons and #6 Waves. We also now have tomatoes, peppers, herbs and Stepables® ready.

First Availability: avail-02.18.11

In addition, to these items (the geraniums need another week or so) we have the following ready:

ageratum cole-crops

#6-waves onions


Some of the #6 Wave Petunias need a little more time to fill out and color up as do these items:

Blue Fescue should be ready in about 10-14 days and the dianthus should have some color at the end of next week.

blue-fescue dianthus

Dusty Miller needs another 10 days and the Fuchsia baskets will need 2-3 weeks.

dusty-miller fuchsia-baskets

The first planting of Hypoestes and a single petunia bloom.

hypoestes petunias

These Wave Petunia baskets should be ready in about 10-14 days.

wave-basksets Local traffic jam 🙂


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