More Information on Cora Vinca

There still seems to be a lot of you interested in more information on Cora Vinca.  Here is a flier from Goldsmith Seeds, the breeder of Cora Vinca.


Also here is more on Cora Vinca from Alecia’s comments on the Cora Vinca blog post that I posted on July 25.

Alecia wrote:

Well, after reading your comments I felt I could add a little something. Let me tell you straight-up, I work for Goldsmith Seeds, the breeder of Cora Vinca! I know I am a little biased, but I can tell you we have heard incredibly positive feedback from folks that have grown and planted Cora Vinca.

Let me give you a little background on Cora. Our founder, Glenn Goldsmith, went on a plant collecting expedition over 18 years ago and found a wild Vinca that seemed to be very disease resistant. It wasn’t a very pretty plant, however it had the potential to be something quite special! He, and other breeders, worked (for over 18 years) on incorporating its disease resistance into a more traditional garden-friendly plant and, voila!, Cora was born!

We’ve heard from trial grounds across the country, when other Vinca succumb to AP, Cora survives. Cora really is a breeding breakthrough and now landscaper and gardeners can enjoy a Vinca that will thrive all season long.

Here’s a little tidbit that’s interesting — they used Cora Vinca to decorate the grounds around the Beijing Olympic Stadium and Water Cube. They tested hundreds of flower varieties for three years to see which performed the best in China’s hot and humid climate. Cora made the cut and they used it extensively throughout the display.

Thanks Alecia for your comments!

Lastly, here are some pictures of Cora Vinca we planted here at the farm between a building and a retaining wall.  These Cora Vinca were planted in early June and have not been touched since.  The only water they received was when it rained.

cora-vinca1 cora-vinca2 cora-vinca3 cora-vinca4 cora-vinca5 cora-vinca6

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