More Swishes and Bricks and Post Mom’s Day Availability

After Mother’s Day we hit the down hill slide into summer.  As you can see from the pictures below we still have a lot of great looking product.  The week after Mother’s Day  is usually the week where everyone sits back and takes a breath.  But we all still have to gear up for Memorial Day weekend and the start of summer.  We have a lot of flowers that are coming on so you don’t have to worry about anything on the availability looking overgrown or tired.

New Ready List – avail-5.07

Here are a couple more Swishes and Bricks (Part 1 is here):

Swish – Vegetables. Our #4 Charley’s Vegetables were awesome this year and we sold more that we every have.  Plus we are also up on our #4 Charley’s Herbs and 1204 vegetables.

Swish – Hanging Baskets.  hanging baskets have flown out the door this year too.  We seemed to just barely have enough to cover what we needed each week with very little carry over on a week to week basis which helps the baskets sell well because they are shipped out on schedule instead of hanging around for an extra week or two.

Brick – Lettuce and Chard. We added in some #4 and 1204 lettuce and chard this year that did not sell at all.  Oh well.  Can’t swish them all.

angelonia-12in dragonwing-begonias

greenhouse5 greenhouse6

impatiens loading-area6

loading-area7 loading-area8

salvia vinca

Also here are some pictures of a basket fundraiser at a local pre-school that we provided the baskets for.  They started out thinking that they could sell 150 baskets but ended up selling 300!  But how can you say “No” to these girls?

fundraiser1 fundraiser4


Last up is some pictures of a landscape project that Tom Perry did last fall at the Alma High School in Alma, AR.  The pansies and snaps still look great!

landscape4 landscape8


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