Mother’s Day Baskets, A New Availability and More

Here is the new ready list for next week:  avail0501

These first pictures are of some #10 Fiber Baskets.  The basket itself is actually 11” and we have availability on assorted color Begonia, Bacopas, Foliage Baskets, Impatiens, Ipomea (Sweet Potato Vine), Wave and Double Wave Petunias, Purslane and Mediterranean Vinca Baskets.  Here are some pictures of the HUGE Bacopas and the Begonias and Impatiens.  These will be listed on our availability as #10 FIBER BASKET.

bacopa-fiber-basekt1 bacopa-fiber-basekt2

bacopa-fiber-basekt3 begoina-fiber-basek2

begoina-fiber-basekt1 impatiens-fiber-basket1

impatiens-fiber-basket2 impatiens-fiber-basket3

ipomea-blackie-fiber-basket ipomea-mix-fiber-basket

The rest of these pictures are of our normal items.

12in-combo-basket1 12in-combo-basket2

12in-trailing-petunia-baskets angelonia

asparagus-fern bacopa

bacopa-basket calibrachoa

colocasia-violet-stem colocsia-illustris

color-bowls dreamland-mix

drop-in-planters hibiscus

impatiens-baskets impatiens-combo-deco

impatiens-new-guine impatiens-white

ipomea ipomea-basket

lantana-baskets lantana-lucky-red-hot

mandevilla mexican-heather

pentas perilla-purple

petunia-shockwave-pink-vein-basket salvia-red

vinca-mediterranean-basket vinca-peppermint-cooler

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