Mums Are On The Ground

We finished planting our mums last week and have moved on to sticking poinsettia cuttings this week with more poinsettia cuttings coming in next week. After some of our fall plugs will start coming in to be planted. There are a few pics I took this morning. One note: we have increased production for our 3 color mum mixed pot and have added it as a regular item so be sure to book some when you get the chance. The first pic is a mix of the Cheryl series with yellow, orange and purple. 12in mum 3-color 7-8-1412in mum 3 7-8-1412in mum 4 7-8-1412in mum 1 7-8-1412in mum 2 7-8-14 In the meantime we are going to Columbus, OH for the show Cultivate ‘14 formerly known as the Ohio Short Course and Trade Show. Our updates from the show will be on our Twitter account @Parksbrothers but we will do some blog posts when we get back to show you what’s new. We’ll talk to you after the show.

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