Mums Blooming In The Field–Availability Update August 25, 2014

We have had mums cracking some color for a few weeks now. The cool July hastened the blooming of the earlier varieties. Across the field we have some wide discrepancies between when each variety was supposed to bloom and when it looks like it will bloom (if it hasn’t already started). It will be at least another week or so until we have some pansies and other fall annuals ready to go with the mums. Be sure to check back here this Friday for an updated blog and availability.

This is going to be another one of those weird falls where the mums just bloom whenever they want to. All varieties seem to be coming on fairly well in the #8’s which are show in this first block of pictures. We have some pretty good numbers in the availability.

bronze mum 8in 20140825 1bronze mum 8in 20140825 2purple mum 8in 20140825red mum 8in 20140825 1red mum 8in 20140825 2red mum 8in 20140825 3white mum 8in 20140825yellow mum 8in 20140825 1yellow mum 8in 20140825 2yellow mum 8in 20140825 3

The #12’s are also cracking a lot of color. There is not as many blooms showing in the #12’s as there are in the #8’s but I think there are more of the early varieties of the #12’s that are cracking color than there are of the #8’s. It also looks like we might have a short window sometime in September between these early varieties and the mid-season varieties where we might have Buds only. The mid and late season varieties seem to be on a more normal blooming schedule for some reason.

bronze mum 12in 20140825 1bronze mum 12in 20140825 2purple mum 12in 20140825 1purple mum 12in 20140825 2red mum 12in 20140825 1red mum 12in 20140825 2red mum 12in 20140825 3red mum 12in 20140825 4white mum 12in 20140825yellow mum 12in 20140825 1yellow mum 12in 20140825 2

I don’t have any pictures of them but the poinsettias are planted and we are pinching them this week. Once we have them pinched, it will be time to space them. After that it’s just a matter of time until we start shipping them too.

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