Mums, Pansies and Poinsettias – August 14, 2013

We are getting close to the fall plant season. We have had great weather for growing mums this summer. I think we will have color out earlier than usual in our mums. I don’t know if we will have anything else to sell with them. Check out the second pic below the video.


8in mums 1 8in mums 2 8in mums 3 8in mums 5 8in mums 6 8in mums 8 8in mums 9 12in mums 1 12in mums 2 12in mums 7 12in mums 8 12in mums 9 12in mums 10

We planted our first batch of dianthus, petunias, snapdragons and pansies last week and have another round in to get planted this week. Take a look.

pansy plugs 1801 snapdragons-1 1801 snapdragons-4 dreams red petunias floral lace dianthus J6 montego snapdragons J6 pansy greenhouse pansy J6

These poinsettias were the last ones we planted out of our first planting. We still have a lot more poinsettias to plant.

poinsettias first crop

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