My Pictures Say 100,000 Words-Availability Update for October 13, 2014

Once again I don’t have time to say much so here are the bullet points and pictures:

  • We have one more planting of J6 and 1801 pansies and one more J6 Snap planting after the numbers that are in our current availability.
  • Our future availability includes the inventory in the last plantings of pansies and snaps.
  • The Cool Wave Pansy basket inventory is not perfect.
  • Everything else that is available is the last of what we have.

6in Colossus Mix 10-10-146in white wave petunia 10-10-146in swiss chard 10-10-146in red kale 10-10-148in peacock white kale 10-10-148in red kale 10-10-1410in bsket Blue Wave Petunia 10-10-1410in bsket Cool Wave Pansy 10-10-1410in bskt dreams petunias 10-10-1412in purple mums 10-10-141801 Colossus Blotch Blue 10-10-141801 Colossus Blotch Mix 10-10-141801 Colossus Blotch Red 10-10-141801 Colossus Yellow 10-10-141801 delta beaconsfield 10-10-141801 Matrix True Blue 10-10-14J6 Colossus Blotch Yellow 10-10-14J6 Dreams Appleblossom 10-10-14J6 Dreams Midnight 10-10-14J6 Floral Lace Crimson Dianthus 10-10-14J6 Matrix Blotch White 10-10-14J6 Matrix Orange 10-10-14J6 Matrix Purple 10-10-14J6 Matrix Rose 10-10-14J6 Matrix Sunrise 10-10-14J6 Panola Beaconsfield 10-10-14J6 Panola Jewels n Jazz Mix 10-10-14J6 Viola Harvest Mix 10-10-14J6 Viola Yellow Duet 10-10-14J6 mix montego snapdragons 10-10-14J6 pansy greenhouse 1 10-10-14J6 pansy greenhouse 2 10-10-14J6 pansy greenhouse 3 10-10-14J6 pansy greenhouse 4 10-10-14

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