New Additions To Our Proven Winners–January 14, 2015

supertunia_black_cherry_cutout_0Hello everyone. It has been a while since I posted anything. We have been working hard getting ready for spring. Cuttings and liners have been coming in weekly. The cold weather hasn’t been too hard on the cutting shipments. Everything we have planted so far looks really good.

The cloudy weather has affected productions some with seed propagation and some of the early plantings. We have not had very many sunny days. When that happens, seeds take longer to sprout and the plants that we have planted or that we plant that don’t get enough sun slow down. Right now, we estimate that some items are 1-2 weeks behind schedule.

Some people will ask why we don’t turn the heat up and make them grow. This is not a recommended growing practice. It can be done but the plants will generally be spindly looking, soft and overall of lesser quality.

I wouldn’t worry though. Plants were created to grow and bloom. They will kick start once they get some sunny weather. They may not catch up all the way but they will make up a lot of time in the coming weeks.

Now for the new stuff. This will be the first of several posts highlighting the new additions to our productions. This first post will show you the new additions to the quart Proven Winners that we are producing.


Snowstorm Blue Bubbles – I saw this Bacopa at the Nursery Expo in Texas last summer and really liked it so we added it in. This is a new item from PW this year so we will have to see how well it performs. I can tell you that it was covered in double blooms and looked great.


Superbells Calibrachoas

Dreamsicle – this is a top selling color of the Superbells and a unique orange color

Grape Punch – this is another top selling Superbells and also a good addition to the other Punch Superbells we are already growing.

Sweet Tart – my wife actually picked out this color. Enough said.

superbells dreamsiclesuperbells_dreamsicle_0

superbells grape punchsuperbellsgrapepunch4inmacrograpepunch01

superbells sweettart 4inmacrosweettart02


Dark Knight – this is another new introduction from PW. It is covered in blooms in various shades of purple and is supposed to be heat and drought tolerant. I was told it performs better than the original Snow Princess in the summers. We shall see.



Oxalis Zinfandel – we wanted thought that with would be a good addition to help expand our line by adding a dark colored accent plant that could be used with any of the PW plants or in any other planting that you might need it for.

oxalis zinfandel 1

Petunia Supertunias

We had way too many pink Supertunias so we added in a couple of more colors.

Black Cherry – this is a new color too. The samples that I saw at last year’s trades shows were impressive. The bloom color is awesome. I think that this color will soon become a top seller too with the eye-catching deep red blooms

Limoncello – yellow petunias are not particularly good performing plants, but I thought we could give this one a try. Again, this one is new too and the samples I saw were nice. I hope that the Limocello Supertunia can live up to the Supertunia rep of being solid performers.

supertunia black cherrygrande_supertunia_black_cherrysupertunia_black_cherry_mono

supertunia limoncellogrande_supertunia_limoncellosupertunia_limoncello_mono


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