New Availability and Pictures

Sales were strong this week.  We have more plantings coming on.  There are new plantings of wave and geranium baskets available.  We have vinca and begonias out the wahzoo.  We have more cucumbers, squash, okra, cantaloupes and watermelons coming on, but what’s left of the tomatoes and peppers on the ready list is the last that we have of them.

New availability – avail0424

UPDATE: we are still taking orders for today and tomorrow delivery so this availability is changing by the minute.  I will try to post a fresher availability tomorrow.  I plan to go to Little Rock tomorrow so it may be late tomorrow.

begonias dropin4

greenhouse1 greenhouse2

impatiens-baskets impatiens-coleus-combo-deco

lantana P4230057

P4240077 petunias

portulaca petunia-burgundy

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