New Availability and Pictures

Like I said below, the weather is not cooperating with us.  It’s supposed to be cold and rainy again this weekend.  We have added some new stuff to the list this week–


— like two varieties of the #4.5 ornamental grasses (both of which happen to be blue grasses) plus #4.5 Cha-cha cuphea, osteo and mona lavender plectranthus.  #6 Waves are starting to bud up with a few blooms showing in a couple of colors.  I also added #4 vinca major and english ivy, 1204 peppers and eggplants, some #10 calibrachoa baskets that we cut back and over wintered from the fall and #1G southern wood ferns.  Lastly, we have some quart perennials that are ready as well.  I will post some perennial pics next week.

I had a video but had problems uploading it so here are some pictures instead.

becky-plectranthus mona-lavender-plectranthus2

mona-lavender-plectranthus3 Becky with a try of plectranthus.  The plectranthus has mostly buds now but should have some light color next week.

blue-fescue-grass Festuca Festina (Blue Fescue Grass)

spiky-blue-grass Corynephorus Spiky Blue

orange-osteo Orange Osteospermum  has a few blooms out now.

yellow-osteo Yellow Osteospermum has some very light color too.

vinca-major Vinca Major

cha-cha-cuphea Cha-cha Cuphea

fern-southern-wood Southern Wood Ferns

clematis-gal Started tying up our #1G clematis this week.  Should have some ready to sell in about 10-14 days.

mandevilla-gal This is our crop of #1G mandevilla that will be ready mid to late April.

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