New Availability for May 19

Here is next weeks ready list and some pictures.


#8 Pacifica Burgundy Halo Vinca – these didn’t get ready in time to meet a ship date so we have some available.  This is a great color and the #8 size pot makes for instant landscapes.

#8 Tidal Wave Petunias – these were also late getting ready and we have a bunch of them that look great!

#6 Wave Petunias – they are small but most have color.  Demand is high for these and a lot of people are taking them small.  We have two more plantings that are coming on.

#6 Kong Coleus – this is the last planting of this popular coleus.

#6 Cora Vinca – we have a few flats of these left.  The Cora flowers are a little larger than the Cooler and Pacificas and it is supposed to have better disease resistance.  Here is a link to more information about Cora Vinca from Mississippi State University.

#6 Red Bronze Begonias – looking good for landscaping!

#4 Swizzle Zinnias – showing good color.  We have 2 more crops of zinnias after this one.

#4 Petunias – last planting.

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