New Availability for May 8 and Beyond

Here is the ready list for next week.  I got tied up today doing other things like working on fall production and didn’t have time to take any pictures.  I’ll try to get some later this evening or tomorrow or maybe a video.  I know you are missing those fabulous close ups you get when I film myself.  I may even shave for it.

Most every thing is still looking good despite the cloudy weather and rain we have had.  We have had to skip over a few items that were looking rough and went on to fresher crops.  Several items are looking particularly good and have lots of availability.  They are #8 Tidal Wave Petunais, #12 Deco Pots, #14 Color Bowls, #6 Cora Vinca and #4 and #6 Caladiums.  We also have about 500 #10 Drop In Planters that can be used to make instant combo pots or used to quickly fill a landscape planting.


Hope you have a great weekend.

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