New Confetti Garden Colors

Confetti Garden 2010 Confetti Gardens are one of the more popular plant ideas to come along in a while. If you are not familiar with the Confetti Gardens, they are 2 or 3 cuttings of plants that are rooted in the same liner cell so that when you plant one liner you are planting 2 or 3 plants. Dummen is the company that came up with the idea and they actually got a utility patent on the process. Red Fox Confetti Liners Production Guidelines  v2-10-09-4

This will be our third year to grow Confetti Gardens. We are growing 10 of the mixes. New to our list this year are these two:

Spring 2012, Afternoon Delight and Liberty

Confetti_Garden_Spring_2012 Confetti_Garden_Afternoon_Delight


Spring 2012 with it’s vibrant contrast of yellow and blue is a new item and the new Liberty and Afternoon Delight replace the Patriot Mix and Water Colours we dropped from last year.

In addition to the new addition and replacements, will will have these popular Confetti Gardens from last year.

Confetti_Garden_Calypso1 Confetti_Garden_Cotton_Candy2

Confetti_Garden_Hawaiian_Flamingo3 Confetti_Garden_Hawaiian_Kiss2

Confetti_Garden_Hawaiian_Luau3 Confetti_Garden_Peppermint3


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