New For 2015–Lots of New #6 Annuals

We have added in a bunch of new flowers in our #6 size. We have really beefed up our #6 Premium line. Before this year all we had was caladiums, geraniums and a few vegetative petunias. Now we have added in new types of begonias, cannas, Bounce Impatiens and verbenas.

If you are not aware of how they came up with the Bounce name for the new Impatiens, I will tell you. These Impatiens are supposed to be able to wilt completely down to nothing, to the point where you think they are dead then water them again and watch them bounce back. One of our supplier reps did a trial of these at her house and left them for a week in the middle of summer while she was gone so they received no water for that week. When she got back they looked dead. She watered them and they did come back but it took them 3-4 weeks to fully recover. I suspect that their recovery time is directly related to how long they have gone with our water.

The availability of the Jurassic Begonias will be limited this spring due to a cutting shortage. Also I believe that they pulled the seed for one of the colors of Cannas as well but I am not sure which one.

The new Velour Wave Petunias are great colors and I think that they will become the top selling colors in a year or two. We also added 2 new colors of Kong Coleus that help add different shades to the series.

The NuMex Easter Ornamental Pepper was the first ornamental pepper selected to be an All American Selection.

#6 Basic Annuals

celosia tornado red OrnPepper_NuMexEaster 1

#6 Deluxe Annuals

Lime Coleus Scarlet Coleus Burgundy Petunia Red Petunia

#6 Premium Annuals

Watermelon Begonia Silver Begonia Silver Begonia Pink Begonia Green Begonia Sparks Will Fly BegoniaYellow CannaRed CannaRed Canna White Impatiens Violet Impatiens Pink Impatiens Lilac Impatiens Red Impatiens Yellow Petunia Black Petunia Red Verbena Pink Verbena Peach Verbena Lavender Blue Verbena Burgundy Verbena

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