New Items and A Writers Block

shade combo 12inHello,

I hope that you all had a great week and have an ever better weekend. The weekend is shaping up to be a good one, and next week is looking good too.

I actually had some time this morning to write up something right here in this spot and my mind is blank. I can’t think of a thing to say. I blame my brain deadness on the time change and allergies.

Update: I need to fix a water leak one the water line at my house. This is all you get this week. Sorry. I might try to post a video this weekend.

We are steadily adding to our availability in numbers and items. New items this week are #10 Plumosus Ferns, Purslane and Cora Cascade Vinca baskets, #1G Sunpatiens and Colocasia (Taro) and #4.5 Pentas, Double Impatiens and Plectranthus. A lot of our bigger #12 items are coming on but aren’t quite there yet. I will probably add some inventory in on those sometime next week.

Lots of color in our Begonia and Impatiens greenhouse. The Impatiens baskets and #12 Impatiens Combo Deco pot are especially nice.

baskets 1 baskets 2

baskets 3 impatiens 2

The rest is a hodge-podge of items and color.

Bliss Red Begonias 4.5in blue wave petunia 6in

caliente geranium basket cherokee purple tomato 4in

geraniums and kong coleus golden lysimachia

impatiens combo 12in begonias J6

inside my truck kong coleus 6in

lobelia 4.5in mexican heather 4.5in

plugs 8 plugs 9

plumosus 1801 Sedum Ogon

stepables streptocarpella 4.5in

streptocarpella  basket succulents 4.5in

taishan yellow marigold trailing petunia 12in combo deco

wave petunia 12in deco wave petunia baskets 3

zonal geranium basket zonal geraniums 6in

cora cascade vinca baskets

1204 Vegetables and Annuals

1204 eggplant 1204 impatiens

1204 peppers 1240 tomatoes

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